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Vampire Costume on the NosWheel

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Nostale,Shop - 31. October 2018

Slake your thirst for blood with a spin of the NosWheel from 31st October 2018, and transform into an elegant bloodsucker!

Vampires are generally highly experienced and tough to beat – no doubt down to their headgear:

  • Increases champion experience by 15%

  • Increases the effectiveness of restoration items by 20%

The perfect costume to match the demonic horns not only looks the part, but gives you buffs worthy of a vampire:

  • Increases champion experience by 15%

  • Increases movement speed by 1

Of course there are tons of other great items to be won!

Main prizes

Dracula Hat (Permanent) + Dracula Costume (Permanent)
Zephyr Wings
Magic Jaguar
Mega Titan Wings
Mother Nature’s Rune Pack
Little Princess Venus
Onyx Wings
Puppet Master’s Set
Puppet Master’s Bear Set

Other prizes

Karate Gi (Permanent)
Zombikit Bride
Skelekat Groom
Karate Hairstyle (Permanent)
Skin for Frigg
Skin for Ragnar
Skin for Erdimien
Skin for Yertirand
Skin for Jennifer
Puppet Master’s Hairpin
Puppet Master’s Dress
Puppet Master’s Bear Head
Puppet Master’s Bear Costume
Fluffy McFly
Magic Bone Drake Chest
Adventurer's Knapsack (Permanent)
Cowgirl Chloe
Boxer Bushi
Pet Basket (Permanent)
Partner's Backpack (Permanent)
Fairy Wings
Fibi Frosty
1x Specialist Partner Card Holder
99x Angel’s Feather
50x Gourmet Pet Food
20x Mysterious Hair Dye
50x Partner Medicine
20x Fairy Booster
10x Tarot Card Game
99x Sealed Vessels
99x Full Moon Crystal
99x Huge Recovery Potion
20x Lumps of Gold + 500 NosDollars

Remember you’ve got to spin it to win it!

The NosTale Team

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