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[Update][Starting 12/4/2017] Valhalla Part 3: In a Nutshell

By Jophiel (Quality Assurance) in Nostale,Updates - 11. April 2017

‘Valhalla Part 3’ has arrived to shake up the world of NosTale and bring new inspiration for its heroes! Prove your strength and skill in some sheeptastic madness, overcome the dangers of the meteor showers and prove your honour in defence of the Bushi King.
Read on to learn all about the new adventures, NPCs and rewards.

New Item: Jennifer’s Feathered Hat

A hat with a stylish feather. A real looker and very eye-catching. The only question is whether it's really appropriate. This trendy headgear can sometimes be found in the Old Goth Chest.

Off to Pastures New

The next instalment in the Valhalla quest series, which is available to players from level 80, will take you on a whirlwind adventure tour. The honourable Frigg on the Midgard map will be your quest giver for this chapter. She’ll send you to the small port town of Tart Hapendam, which you can reach from the pirate captain’s ship in Port Alveus.

Strange Faces

The residents of Tart Hapendam have some pretty interesting information to share. Chat with them and take on their tricky missions.

New Raid Seals

During your adventures you’ll find yourself exploring the Oasis and coming across a variety of wild creatures. These monsters deal percentage damage – but then so do you! Your efforts here will be well rewarded, with the creatures dropping a variety of cool items, including seals for the new raids.
These seals can be activated to start the raids If you activate a seal and an insufficient number of players join your raid within 30 seconds, then the seal will be lost and the raid cancelled. You cannot start a new raid if you’re currently in or queuing for one.
If more players try to join a raid than are required, an additional raid will start automatically.

New Raid: The Sheep Farm

Participants: 5 to 30 players

Activate the Sheep Farm Raid Seal. After 30 seconds all participants will be transported to a field and transformed into sheep. Extra sheep can also be found running around.

Aim: Eliminate as many sheep as possible without being killed yourself. Regular sheep earn you 5 points, while a wolf (i.e. player) in sheep’s clothing will reward you with 20 points. Meanwhile the player killed loses 20 points.

Special rules: If your life as a sheep is cut short, you’ll be resurrected again after 20 seconds.

1st Place – 3x Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Gift Box
2nd Place – 2x Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Gift Box
3rd-10th Place – 1x Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Gift Box

New Raid: Dodge Meteor

Participants: 10 to 50 players

Activate the Dodge Meteor Raid Seal. After 30 seconds all participants will be transported to another location and transformed into bushtails. Another 30 seconds after the start of the raid, the players will be transformed into tortoises.

Aim: Dodge the falling meteorites for a minute. At the same time you’ll find acorns falling from the skies which you can collect. The acorns can be exchanged for crates of awesome items in Tart Hapendam.

Special rules: Expect 5 heavy meteor showers in total, each with a 10-second break in between.

Survive 1 round – 1 Acorn
Survive 2 rounds – 2 Acorns
Survive 3 rounds – 3 Acorns
Survive 4 rounds – 1 Bronze Acorn
Survive 5 rounds – 2 Bronze Acorns

New Raid: Bushi King Defence

Participants: 20 to 30 players
Activate the Bushi King Defence Raid Seal. After 30 seconds all participants will be transported to another location and transformed into bushtails. Players are divided into two teams at the same time. The raid will start after another 30 seconds.

Aim: Each team must attempt to defend their Bushi King for 10 minutes. The team which kills the enemy’s king first is victorious. If both kings are still live and kicking after the time has run out, then the team whose king has the most hit points remaining will be crowned winners.

Special rules:
Standard skills cannot be used. Instead, each player has just two attacks available to them – one used against bushtails, and one against other players. The attacks deal a set amount of damage, irrespective of a player’s level and gear. Only costume and tarot card effects still work as normal.
It is not possible to attack the enemy king directly. Instead, a bushtail appears for each team every 3 seconds with the job of attacking the enemy king.
Players can chose to fight either the enemy bushtails or the enemy players. If a player is hit 6 times, they’ll be frozen for 10 seconds. Team members should try to free players from these icy prisons, otherwise the character will perish and only respawn back at the start after 10 seconds.
Once an enemy bushi has been killed, there’s a chance for items to fall from the heavens which you can collect. Collecting these items immediately uses them, causing powerful monsters to appear which cause even more problems for your enemies and also attack the Bushi King.

Winning team members each receive 2 Bushi King Gift Boxes.
Losing team members each receive 1 Bushi King Gift Box.

Have fun!

The NosTale Team

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