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[Starts 1/3/2018] Fast, Faster, Magic Jaguar!

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Nostale - 01. March 2018

Quick and nimble, this predatory cat will carry you on your adventures. From 1/3/2018 you can win the Magic Jaguar in the NosWheel! With a little luck, you could even get the Magic Speed Booster in your spins, which makes the nippy four-legged critter even more effective.

The beast of prey will even share its majestic appearance with you! As soon as you mount it, you will be covered in a magnificent outfit that is worthy of a Jaguar.

On top of this, it bears these abilities:

- Speed 20, +2 in the desert and the Region of the Burning Sword and +3 in Glacernon.
- If you use a Speed Booster, all negative effects under level 4 will be removed, your speed increases by 4 and the duration by 2.
- There is a certain chance for the Shadow Prowler buff to take effect when the Speed Booster ends. This effect allows you to move around quickly in secret.

The NosWheel has the following prizes available from 1/3/2018:

Main prizes

Magic Jaguar
Mega Titan Wings
Admiral Horatio Ginger
Magic Bone Drake Chest
Mother Nature's Rune Pack
Little Princess Venus
Onyx Wings
Baron Scratch
Large Fairy Pack

Other prizes

Magic Speed Booster (1 Day)
Magic Speed Booster (3 Days)
Sir Purcival
Pirate King Blackwhiskers
Savage Dyes
Fairy Wings
Golden Wings
Desert Set (costume exclusively for male characters)
Dancer Set (costume exclusively for female characters)
Steampunk Weapon Skin
Frosty Ice Wings
Blazing Fire Wings
Archdaemon Wings
Archangel Wings
Nelia Nymph Specialist Partner Card
Colourful Jeep Box
Fibi Frosty
4x Partner Slot Expansion
1x Specialist Partner Card Holder
99x Angel’s Feather
50x Gourmet Pet Food
20x Mysterious Hair Dye
99x Soulstone Blessing
50x Partner Medicine
20x Fairy Booster
10x Tarot Card Game
99x Sealed Vessels
99x Full Moon Crystal
20x Lumps of Gold + 500 NosDollars

Remember you’ve got to spin it to win it!

The NosTale Team

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Von Makarno [US-Cylloan] 9 month(s) ago


Does the invisible buff come randomly or does it show an active tab? I ask this because if it is just randomly, this is a waste for swordmen. If you get out a lure with speed booster removing a black out for example, you will turn invisible and lose everything you lured...

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