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[From 07/08] NosTale – Your Character. Your Title.

By Threepwood in Updates - 07. August 2019

Show everyone who you really are! Using the new title system, you can show friends and foes alike what you’ve achieved. Or would you rather wear a funny title and have a few laughs?

Are you an Adventurer, an Animal Lover or more of a Rebel? Now you can show everyone your true colours. Once you’ve earned or bought yourself a title, it will be displayed beneath your character name after activation. The titles also come with buffs which strengthen your character.

Most titles are highly exclusive and only available to players who’ve made a real achievement. Free titles can only be unlocked by reaching certain levels, for example. As soon as your character reaches level 10, 20, 30 and so on up to level 90 and 99, you can collect the respective title from the NosMall. There are also titles out there which are only available to certain classes.

You can also earn titles by playing events, allowing everyone to see your success. Plus there are more titles which can be purchased in the NosMall.

The choice is yours – will you be a PvP Titan, a Legendary Hero or simply Godlike? Show the world!

The NosTale Team

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