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New Server: Register Today and Take Part in Amazing Events!

By Threepwood in Event,Nostale,Updates - 09. August 2019

Incoming server launches for NosTale! Be there from day one and start your amazing journey full of exciting events! On 9th August 2019 we’re launching new servers for NosTale versions DE, ES, FR, IT and PL. Join new friends and old as you rediscover the world of NosTale!

Equal opportunities for everyone – join the server right from the start and stake your claim in the highscore tables. Plus you can earn cool titles in our exciting events.

Date: 9th August 2019
Time: Early evening around 6 PM CEST

Earn a title and exploit its effects!

The title system is something new to NosTale. Once you’ve earned yourself a title, it will be displayed beneath your character name after activation. The titles come with buffs which strengthen your character. Plus they show other players immediately who they’re dealing with.
You can find full details on the title system here.
Look out for the following events on the servers to celebrate the launch:

  • Family XP Event (until 28th August 2019)

  • All players who reach the end of Act 2 by 25th September 2019 receive the following rewards:

    • 1x Partner Slot Expansion

    • 1x Devil Wings

    • 1x Fire Wings

  • Level-Up Events:

    • Reach level 65 by 25th September 2019 and receive the following rewards: 1x Azuris, 1x Ice Wings

    • The first 5 players who reach the maximum level as Mage, Swordsman or Archer by 28th August 2019 will receive the title ‘Sight Beyond Sight’, the following 5 players receive the title ‘The Chosen One’. All 10 players receive 99x Full Moon Crystals.

  • Reputation Event: Earn 500,000 reputation points by 25th September 2019 and enjoy a reward. The first 5 players receive the title ‘Living Legend’, the next 5 players receive the title ‘Illuminated’. All 10 players receive 1x Spiky Hairstyle and 1x Dye Bomb.

  • Raid events with rewards for the first raid group to conquer the following raids:

    • Mother Cuby (Reward: 1x Tired Pink Jelly, 1x Teddy Bear Costume, 1x Teddy Bear Hat)

    • Ginseng (1x Seedle, 1x Polar Bear Costume, 1x Polar Bear Hat)

    • Dark Castra (1x Boing, 1x Panda Costume, 1x Panda Hat)

    • Giant Black Spider (1x Vampie, 1x Asian Black Bear Costume, 1x Asian Black Bear Hat)

    • Massive Slade (1x Walker, 1x Magic Bone Drake)

    • Chicken King (1x Inferno, 99x Angel’s Feather)

    • Namaju (1x Ninja Bushtail, 1x Magic Convertible)

    • Desert Robber Band (1x Leo the Coward, 1x Cowgirl Chloe)

    • Lord Morcos (25x Small Ruby of Completion, 25x Ruby of Completion)

    • Lord Hatus (25x Small Obsidian of Completion, 25x Obsidian of Completion)

    • Lady Calvinas (25x Small Sapphire of Completion, 25x Sapphire of Completion)

    • Lord Berios (25x Small Topaz of Completion, 25x Topaz of Completion)

  • The first 10 players who receive a specialist card receive a title and/or reward.

    • SP1: Title ‘Augustus’, 50x Full Moon Crystal

    • SP2: Title ‘Hercules’, 50x Full Moon Crystal

    • SP3: Title ‘Force of Nature’, 50x Full Moon Crystal

    • SP4: Title ‘Fist of the Gods’, 50x Full Moon Crystal

    • Chicken: 20x Chicken Costume Upgrade Scroll (Event), 1x Inferno

    • Pyjama: 20x Pyjama Upgrade Scroll, 1x Fluffy McFly

    • Jajamaru: 1x Sakura, 1x Ice Princess Eliza

  • PvP Event: The 5 players with the most PvP points in Act 4 on the deadline 28th August 2019 receive the title ‘PvP Legend’. The following 5 players can look forward to the title ‘PvP Angel of Death’. All 10 players get a pair of Mega Titan Wings.

Conquer the new servers!
The NosTale Team

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