Aug 13

New on the NosWheel: This Cute Otter Wallops with Cod!

By Threepwood in Shop - 13. August 2019

Take a spin on the NosWheel and maybe you’ll meet the adorably daring Otter, a very special pet who’ll set about your enemies with a wet fish! When not busy wielding them as weapons, he also enjoys munching down on fresh fish fillets.

Aside from looking mega-cute, the Otter also supports you with the following skills:

  • Otter’s Blessing – Increases attack and defence by 10%

  • Sushi Party – Attracts enemies and sends them into a short Blackout

  • Smackeroo – Increases its own melee attack and water element by 600 each

This furious furball could be yours with just a bit of good fortune, but there are many other great prizes on the NosWheel to be won:
Main prizes

  • Otter

  • One-Winged Perti Specialist Partner Card

  • Magic Donkey Piñata Chest

  • Pixie Costume Chest

  • Onyx Wings

  • Dracula Set

  • Mother Nature’s Rune Pack

  • Zephyr Wings

  • Magic Student Yuna

  • 10x Champion Blessing Amulet (Random)

Other prizes

  • 99x Sealed Vessels

  • Puss in Boots

  • Fluffy McFly

  • 10x Tarot Card Game

  • 20x Fairy Booster

  • 50x Partner Medicine

  • 99x Full Moon Crystal

  • Jennifer’s Key

  • 50x Gourmet Pet Food

  • Cowboy Bushtail

  • 99x Angel Wings

  • Jinn

  • Mega Titan Wings

  • Windsurfer Box

  • Archdaemon Amon’s Specialist Partner Card

  • Special Ops Bushi

  • Specialist Partner Card Holder

  • Viking Bushi

  • Leona

  • 20x Tiny Lump of Gold + 500 NosDollars

  • Nelia Nymph

  • Sheriff Chloe’s Specialist Partner Card

  • Guardian Lucifer’s Specialist Partner Card

  • Hongbi

  • Cheongbi

  • Enchanting Unicorn Box

  • Oto-Fox Costume Set

Good luck!
The NosTale Team

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