Jun 05

New on the NosWheel: the Magic Donkey Piñata

By Threepwood in Nostale,Shop - 05. June 2019

Spin the wheel and with a bit of good fortune you might pick up a Magic Donkey Piñata Chest. Inside you’ll find a dazzlingly sweet mount which not only makes you faster, but also restores your MP.

The Magic Donkey Piñata Chest is the new jackpot prize on the NosWheel. The mount inside offers the following effects:

  • Movement speed increases by 21.

  • Movement speed increases by 2 in NosVille and Port Alveus.

  • Continuously replenishes MP.

When used in combination with a Speed Booster, it provides the following effects for 8 seconds:

  • Removes all bad effects up to level 4.

  • Movement speed increases by 3.

  • Chance to use your Spurs when you’re attacked, giving you +3 movement speed.

Please note: The Magic Donkey Piñata Chest is tradeable, the mount itself is not, so as soon as you open the box, it can no longer be traded.

Of course there are tons of other great items to be won on the NosWheel!

Main prizes

  • Magic Donkey Piñata Chest

  • Pixie Costume Chest

  • Little Princess Venus

  • Onyx Wings

  • Dracula Hat + Dracula Costume

  • Mother Nature’s Rune Pack

  • Zephyr Wings

  • Magic Student Yuna

  • 10x Champion Blessing Amulet (Random)

  • 10x Partner Skill Ticket (Single)

Other prizes

  • 99x Sealed Vessels

  • Puss in Boots

  • Fluffy McFly

  • 10x Tarot Card Game

  • 20x Fairy Booster

  • 50x Partner Medicine

  • 99x Full Moon Crystal

  • Jennifer’s Key

  • 50x Gourmet Pet Food

  • Cowboy Bushtail

  • 99x Angel Wings

  • Jinn

  • Mega Titan Wings

  • Windsurfer Box

  • Archdaemon Amon’s Specialist Partner Card

  • Special Ops Bushi

  • Specialist Partner Card Holder

  • Viking Bushi

  • Leona

  • 20x Tiny Lump of Gold + 500 NosDollars

  • Nelia Nymph

  • Sheriff Chloe’s Specialist Partner Card

  • Guardian Lucifer’s Specialist Partner Card

  • Hongbi

  • Cheongbi

  • Enchanting Unicorn Box

  • Oto-Fox Costume Set

Saddle up on your Magic Piñata and ride off into the sunset!
The NosTale Team

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