Feb 11

New launcher brings improvements aplenty

By Merlin Evers in Nostale - 11. February 2019

NosTale is getting an improved launcher, bringing some improvements and advantages for you. This will be available from 11th February.

An Overview of your Advantages:

  • The new update allows you to launch multiple instances of NosTale, provided you have a Master Account. This therefore makes multi-accounting possible without having to use workarounds.

  • The patching process has been markedly improved to ensure smooth update installation.

  • Contacting our Support has also been made much easier: a single click will let you switch from the launcher to the Support page, without needing to login again.

  • The account you last used will be displayed at the top of the account list to make it easier to find. Already in the past year we have made managing your NosTale account much easier with the introduction of the Master account.

  • To ensure you are always kept up to date, the improved look provides all the key news regarding your favourite game, NosTale.

The NosTale Master Account
Would you like to take advantage of these benefits, but are not sure how to create a NosTale Master Account? Don’t worry, everything is explained here: your master account

Here’s how multi-accounting works:

It's really simple. To log in with an additional account, you need to do the following:

  1. Log in to your Master Account and select one of your linked NosTale accounts. Use this to log into the game and the Gameforge launcher will remain open in the background.

  2. If you now click on your account name in the top-right of the Gameforge Launcher and select another account, you can then use it to log in. To do so, simply click on ‘Play’.

Please note: first-time use/Windows XP

After the first time you start the new launcher, it may be the case that you receive a request to repair the launcher. This is completely normal. Simply click on the ‘Repair’ button and wait until the download and installation complete. The repair usually only takes a few seconds. If you continue to have problems launching the game, click on the cog in the top-right and select ‘Repair’ there to initiate a more thorough repair.
If you are still using Windows XP: the operating system will not be supported by the new launcher, and, in the coming future, it will not be supported by the game either. Please update to a newer version of Windows to be able to continue playing NosTale.

Have fun!
The NosTale Team

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