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Mysterious Treasure Chests – Collect Your Free Daily Key

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Nostale,Shop - 07. March 2019

You heave the Normal Treasure Chest onto the table with a loud thump, producing a fine cloud of dust. Rummaging through your knapsack, you eventually find one of the Treasure Chest Skeleton Keys which you’ve been able to collect for free every day for one week since reaching level 40.

You blow the remaining dust from the lock, and notice a small scroll of parchment attached to it. The paper crinkles as you unroll it.

You read:
‘So you found this treasure chest and have earned enough experience to receive a Treasure Chest Skeleton Key every day, absolutely free!’
A shiver runs down your spine… how could the author know that? You look behind you, but there’s no one in sight.

‘Oi, pay attention!’

What on earth? You flip and turn the parchment, but can’t see anything unusual.

‘Close your mouth, you look like a trout. I’ll let you into a little secret: I’ve hidden a ton of different Treasure Chests: Normal, Rare and Legendary. You can collect them by defeating monsters or from raids and Instant Combats.

All of the Treasure Chests may contain one of the following items in different quantities:

  • Dancer Set

  • Desert Set

  • Champion Blessing Amulet (Random)

  • Perfume

  • Angel Wings

  • Sealed Vessel

  • Soulstone Blessing

  • Gourmet Pet Food

  • Fairy Booster

  • Fairy Experience Potion

  • Huge Recovery Potion

  • Tarot Card Game

  • Cylloan Spring Water

The rarer the Treasure Chest, the better your reward. Apart from collecting the free daily keys from level 40, you can also find them in the NosMall.

But wait! Not so fast. You only need one Treasure Chest Skeleton Key for the Normal Treasure Chest, but the Rare Treasure Chest features 3 locks, while the Legendary Treasure Chest has 5.

You’ll need as many keys as there are locks on the chest to open it…’
These are the final words on the scroll.
You shrug your shoulders and your eyes come to rest once more on the Normal Treasure Chest lying on the table.

What will you find inside?
Only you can know the answer.

Good luck!
The NosTale Team

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