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Maintenance - 29.11.17

By Lady Sky (Community Manager) in Updates - 28. November 2017

Hey NosPlayers,

Tomorrow we will have a scheduled maintenance.

When exactly? Wednesday November 29th 2017 from 09:00h to approximately 11:30h CET. Both the game servers and the website will be unavailable during that time.
What will be changed? Besides the usual database optimization and server restart:

- End of the Halloween Event. The event items will be removed (check list below).
- The Anniversary Weapon Skins won't be available at the NPC anymore.
- A new function to hide hats will be added on the "game configuration" menu.
- The Valhalla Minigame Raids will be adjusted:

  • The Alarm sound when someone opens a raid will be removed.

  • When a player enters the Minigames, all debuffs will be removed.

  • The shiny glitter visual effect of the Arena's winner is not visible in the Sheep Raid.

- The Bushi King Defense Minigame Raid will be adjusted:

  • Activity points were added: Killing enemies (+80 points), killing monsters (+10 points), revival after death (-5 points), revival by ally (0 points).

  • A player does not receive a reward when the activity points are below 300.

  • Players can check their point overview in the chat window.

- [Bugfix] The issue with the Instant Combat symbol which disappeared after a Minigame raid started is fixed. The Minigame raids will now be active in all channels and the minigame raid symbol will disappear after joining a minigame raid.
- It is no longer possible to apply for Instant Combat when a player has already applied for a Minigame raid.
- The Specialist Partner Card Holder was changed: You can now put a Partner Specialist Card inside without restriction (even if you don't have the right partner).

Your NosTale Team


List of event items that will be deleted: Foxy's Raid Seal, Foxy's Wonder Chest, Fresh Liver, Blue Flask, Yellow Flask, Red Flask, Halloween Wonder Chest, Giant Rice Cake, Bean Rice Cake, Yellow Pumpkin Sweet (event), Black Pumpkin Sweet (event), Bag of Sweets (Event), Halloween Costume Scroll (Event), Pumpkin Head (Event), Pumpkin Syrup (Event), Jack O'Lantern's Seal, Scary Pet Trainer (Event), Bolt (Event), Nut (Event), Mad Professor Macavity's Raid Ticket (Event), Pretty Witch Box (Event), Mad Professor Macavity's Junk Box (Event), Resistance Supply Box (Event), White Witch Laurena's Wand (Event), Mad Professor Macavity's Raid Seal, Magic Cube (Event), Broken Key (Catacombs Exit).

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