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Maintenance - 21.12.16

By Lady Sky (Community Manager) in Updates - 20. December 2016

Hey NosPlayers,

tomorrow we will have a scheduled maintenance.

When exactly? Wednesday December 21st 2016 from 09:00h to approximately 12:00h CET. Game servers won't be available during that time. Due to technical reasons, the website and shop might not be available as well for a short period of time (they will show a password window).

What will be changed?

- Winter Event will start (until 18.01.17, more information on our website).

- Valhalla Quest will be updated (Part 2 will continue the first part that was updated around Halloween, please read below for more details).

- [Bugfix] When a pet or partner died on the Midgard map, "Fafnir's curse" was not active anymore.

- [Bugfix] When a player died on the Midgard map without the Viking costume, and then revived in Nosville, pets and partners still had the debuff "Fafnir's curse".

Your NosTale-Team


Information about Valhalla Part 2:
  • Quest can be started at Ragnar (map: Rock Canyon).
  • There are new NPCs (Erdimien, Utegarda, Scout). Erdimien has new daily quests waiting for you (you can find her on the map: Garton's Camp).
  • One daily quest will give you the sketch that you will need in order to build a Viking costume (7 days version).
  • You can create new food (Fafnir's Fried Dinner) at NPC Eva Energy.
  • The new Fafnir's Raid awaits you!

- Fafnir's Raid entrance is on top of the Midgard map.

- Raid seal can be dropped on the Midgard map.

- "Fafnir's curse" debuff is also active on the raid maps (you will need the Viking costume there).

- You can join the raid with 5-15 players (only the raid leader needs a seal).

- In the raid, the camera is fix (buttons F1-F4 are not usable).

- During the raid, Fafnir sometimes breathes in and swallows some players. They will have to fight inside of the mouth of the dragon, against his teeth. They will need to defeat at least 3 teeth in order to be able to escape from his mouth (otherwise, all players that are inside the mouth will be expelled from the raid, and Fafnir will recover his HP). When all 5 teeth are defeated, a certain amount of hearts will be refilled.

- Fafnir will use his fire breath when loosing a certain amount of HP (you will have to find a safe field with the item "Ancient Dowsing Rod", which drops on the raid map).

  • A new partner (Erdimien) can be obtained from Fafnir's Raid. This new partner will give you special skills when you take her with you.


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Von Tensa-Zangetsu [S1-NosCitadel] 1 year(s) ago


can you please fix the raid bug ? the camera wont move when fafnir eats you ....

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