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Maintenance - 07.08.2019

By Aureli in Updates - 06. August 2019

Hey NosPlayers,

Tomorrow we will have a scheduled maintenance.

When exactly? Wednesday, August 7th 2019 from 09:00h to approximately 15:30h CEST. Both the game servers and the website will be unavailable during that time.

What will be changed? 

  • [Gameupdate]Title system was added

  • [Bugfix] The buff which players receive after they were teleported into their base in the rainbow battle was not working (they still could receive damage)

  • [Bugfix] Pets in rainbow crystal battle were not frozen with the player

  • [Bugfix] Green numbers (when using a heal potion) still had the limit of 65.000 to be shown

  • [Bugfix] Magic Donkey Piñata Chest couldn't be sold via nosbazaar

  • [Bugfix] It was possible to enter rainbow battle from other pvp zones which caused the character to have no team color

  • Summer event ends (additional information below)

Rainbow Battle changes:

  • [Feature] Full HP/MP potions are disabled now in the rainbow battle

  • [Feature] Normal potions have a time block now (same as in frozen crown)

  • [Feature] Buffs are removed from the character now after entering the rainbow battle

  • [Feature] Mounts are disabled in rainbow battle

  • [Feature] Players invisibility is removed after interacting with a rainbow crystal

  • [Feature] The point gaining system is changed: The team is still gaining points when changing the color of a crystal. Additionally the team is gaining points every 30 seconds for every rainbow crystal which has their team color.

Your NosTale Team

Additional Information:

The following items will be removed with the summer event:

Pirate Specialist Card (Event), Pirate Seal (Event), Piece of the Pirate SP (Event), Pirate's Do-Rag (Event), Mariner's Symbol (Event), O'Peng's Treasure Map (Event), Lime Juice (Event), Pirate SP Upgrade Scroll, Delicious Watermelon, Lola Lopears' Raid Seal, Dragon King's Raid Box, Tortoise Present, Ginseng Leaf, Wanderer's Chest, Foxy's Wonder Chest, Imp Raid Box, Maru's Tiger Chest, Pirate Raidbox

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