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Maintenance - 07.08.13

By Lady Sky (Community Manager) in Updates - 06. August 2013


Hey NosPlayers,

tomorrow we will have a scheduled maintenance.

When exactly? Wednesday August 7th 2013 at approximately 9:00 CEST.

What will be changed?

- Summer Event will start.

- New Minigame requirements:

1. Basic Minigame - Level required: 30 - Reputation needed: >10.000

2. Good Minigame - Level required: 40 - Reputation needed: >50.000

3. Great Minigame - Level required: 50 - Reputation needed: >170.000

Your NosTale-Team

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Article comments (6)


Von SonnetLeth [S1-NosCitadel] 5 year(s) ago


D: No minigames for me


Von yoshipro [S1-NosCitadel] 5 year(s) ago


Do you know how long the maintenance will be?


Von TheDarkAvenger [S1-NosCitadel] 5 year(s) ago


Hello, do you have an approximate time that shows the end of this maintenance, I need to know when I will be able to play again. Thank you.


Von CatsuKe [S1-NosCitadel] 5 year(s) ago


Isn`t too much 170k rep for a 50lvl?, my sword is 73 with 120k rep>_>


Von Njuxy [S1-NosCitadel] 5 year(s) ago


Hello, i am lvl 46 with 23k rep but cant play any mini game, why is that?


Von kukulele [S1-NosCitadel] 4 year(s) ago


i cant playing mini games why?

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