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Maintenance - 07.02.19 (9.00h CET)

By Lady Sky (Community Manager) in Nostale - 05. February 2019

Hey NosPlayers,
On Thursday we will have a scheduled maintenance.

When exactly? Thursday February 7th 2019 from 09:00h to approximately 13:00h CET. Both the game servers and the website will be unavailable during that time.

What will be changed?

- [Event] Start Valentine's event (until 27/2/19). More information on Thursday on our website.
- [Event] Start Lunar New Year event (until 27/2/19). More information on Thursday on our website.
- [New feature] It will be possible to start the game more than once (multiclient).
- [New feature] It will be possible to link items in Speakers: When using a Speaker you can press ctrl + right click on an item in the inventory.
- [New feature] Parcels will be refreshed automatically after receiving the last one (a re-log won't be necessary to receive the next ones).
- [New feature] NosBazar improvements: Possibility to type a page number so you can jump there directly (in case there are many items), new message in the chat when you have sold an item in NosBazar, possibility to collect all sold/ended auctions with one click, possibility to edit old auctions (as long as they are not already partially sold), and the name field (displayed next to the item) will now be bigger.
- [Bugfix] In-game notes were sometimes sent to the wrong character if there was another one which used to have the same name (due to the server merge).
- [Bugfix] Safe square in Fafnir's raid was often hovering over the ground, so it was difficult to see if you were inside or not. In order to avoid this, the map will now be flat.
- [Bugfix] Instant Combat rewards were sometimes removed from your inventory if you were re-logging directly after Instant Combat.
- [Bugfix] Decoration for the Cuarry Bank entry in Port Alveus was missing.
- [Bugfix] Spiky hair icons were not shown as coloured in NosBazar.
- [Bugfix] NosMall could not be closed if there was a trade request in the background.
- [Bugfix] Some translations were missing in the second Specialist card for Martial Artists.

Your NosTale-Team

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