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Maintenance - 07.02.18

By Lady Sky (Community Manager) in Updates - 06. February 2018

Hey NosPlayers,

Tomorrow we will have a scheduled maintenance.

When exactly? Wednesday February 7th 2018 from 09:00h to approximately 11:00h CET. Both the game servers and the website will be unavailable during that time.
What will be changed? 

- Valentine's Event will start (until 28.02.18, more information here on our website).
- Start of the new "Lunar New Year" event (until 28.02.18, more information here on our website).
- [Bugfix] Wild Sound Flowers were not dropped anymore if a player had a total of 5 quests or more. This limit was increased to 13.
- [Bugfix] The limited pet blessing was not working after a relog from the player.
- [Bugfix] A sentence in the Blue Mage Specialist Card, about the "Ice Shield" skill, appeared doubled.
- [Bugfix] The Bean Flour Cake was still available for purchase at the NPC in Nosville.
- [Bugfix] Damage reduction for invisible players (due to buffs or the pet Admiral Horatio Ginger Bead), was not working.
- [Bugfix] Reputation increase of new runes (Mother Nature's Tree Runes) was not working.
- [Bugfix] There was a missing graphic (only for male swordsmen) on the Faux Hawk Undercut Hair Wax when coloured with a Savage Dye.
- [Bugfix] Perfumes can now be used on bound partner equipment.
- [Bugfix] The attack from Mountain Turtle and Rocky Mountain Turtle was a single attack if it was a player's pet (known issue: the attack graphic is still missing, but will be added later on).
- [Bugfix] The second buff from the new Mega Titan Wings was also triggered on upgrade levels lower than 15.
- [Bugfix] The visual effect of the second buff of the new Mega Titan Wings was also shown on mounts and on invisible players.

Your NosTale Team

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