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Maintenance - 05.07.17

By Lady Sky (Community Manager) in Updates - 04. July 2017

Hey NosPlayers,

tomorrow we will have a scheduled maintenance.

When exactly? Wednesday July 5th 2017 from 09:00h to approximately 11:00h CEST.
What will be changed? 

- It won't be possible anymore to logout when the character is in fighting mode (you will have to wait 5 seconds).
- When using the "block party" option, Raids will now be blocked as well.
- Dyed "Rare Spiky Hairstyle" will now be shown as "dyed" in the the description.
- When selling equipment with options to an NPC, a new warning message will appear: "This item has a number of options. Are you sure you want to sell it?".
- [Bugfix] The attack range of Lord Morcos will be increased.
- [Bugfix] The icon of the item "Recipe for the Unfinished Priest's Spear" will be changed in order to avoid accidentally sold quest items.
- [Bugfix] It was possible for a character to remain "unattackable" after using a battle potion for IceBreaker. This will be fixed.
- [Bugfix] There was a problem with the sell/buy focus if someone used "control + z" while buying an item. This will be fixed.
- [Bugfix] Reputation requirements for SP7 and SP8 will be changed (only for newly created Specialist Cards).
- [Bugfix] The effect of some Mandras (reducing HP) was not working. This will be fixed.
- [Bugfix] There was a bug in the Fernon Outpost map, players were stuck on a tree. This will be fixed.
- [Bugfix] It won't be possible anymore to create a personal shop when the character has registered for Instant Combat.
- [Bugfix] The energy field when a player finds a hidden TimeSpace will now be visible again.

Your NosTale-Team

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