May 02

Maintenance - 03.05.17

By Lady Sky (Community Manager) in Updates - 02. May 2017

Hey NosPlayers,

tomorrow we will have a scheduled maintenance.

When exactly? Wednesday May 3rd 2017 from 09:00h to approximately 11:00h CEST.
What will be changed?

- Easter Event will end. Event items will be deleted (check list below). Please note: The quests will still be visible at the NPCs, but they can't be accepted.
- [Website] The background will be changed from the Easter one back to the default one.
- [NosMall] It won't be possible anymore to use NosDollars to skip the cooldown in the daily login bonus.

Your NosTale-Team

Event items that will be deleted tomorrow: Easter Raid Box, Magic Egg, Chocolate Rabbit, Chicken Queen Seal, Chicken Costume Upgrade Scroll, Evolution Fruit, Yellow Easter Egg, Red Easter Egg, Golden Easter Egg, Chicken Queen Feather, Calvin's Easter Present, Easter Box, Growth Fruit, Hongbi-Cheongbi Raid Seal, Imp Raid Box, Red Bean Soup, Hungbu's Seed Grain, Nolbu's Seed Grain, Cure.


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Von Warrior19 [S1-NosCitadel] 1 year(s) ago


Nooo... How i will make money now? *sad life* Thanks for the event! until next year. <3

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