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Halloween at NosTale - the horror portal has opened!

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Event,Nostale - 25. October 2018

Lizard's leg and eye of newt, here spirits gather for their loot.
This is the place for witches and ghosts, who lie in wait for their unwilling hosts.
When monsters appear on your NosTale screen, you know that it's time for Halloween!

For everyone who loves scaring themselves silly: NosTale is celebrating Halloween

Be there when the horror portal opens from 25th of October to the 21th of November 2018 and dark creatures start spreading fear and terror!


Take on Foxy and her cunning skulk of foxes in the raid! Use Foxy's Raid Seal to challenge her. If you succeed, you'll be rewarded with Foxy's Wonder Chest, which with a little luck might contain Foxy's Specialist Partner Card.

Tip: In the raid you can neither make yourself invisible, nor summon miniatures as Jajamaru.



  • Fresh Liver Please!

  • Hunt monsters on general maps and gather fresh livers.

  • Fox Hunt

  • Hunt Foxes and Dusi-Foxes!

  • Someone Who Knows the Truth

  • Meet Mr Parks' Third Son. He knows the truth, and nothing but the truth!

  • Foxy's Verdict

  • Complete Foxy's Raid. Foxy's Raid Seal awaits as reward for the daily quests.

During the complete event period:
  • Lost Preparations

  • Collect blue, yellow and red flasks!

  • Blue Flask: Removes the slowdown caused by Foxy's skill.
    Yellow Flask: Restores your HP to 100%.

  • What's in the Red Flask?

  • 1, 2 or 3... use the Red Flask against Foxy. It causes fire element damage and is very effective against the nine-tailed fox.

    As a reward you'll earned a Halloween Wonder Chest containing amazing event items. Enjoy the surprises!


    Bean Rice Cakes and Giant Rice Cakes

    Restore HP and MP for you and your NosMate.



    Foxy is both a raid boss with super skills and a new partner. Tame her and she'll follow you everywhere!

    Mr Parks' First, Second and Third Sons

    All three will help you through the quest, each in their own way.


    Sinister Path, Horrorholme and Fox's Den - Enter the unknown!

    Challenge Jack O'Lantern and his henchmen in a raid!

    • Defeat the cruel giant pumpkin Jack O'Lantern in a raid! He's got himself some help in the form of his followers, renegade Pumpkin Bushis and Pumpkin Bombs. As a reward you can get a Halloween Raid Box.

    • Secure the Glowing Pumpkin Hat and the new Spooky Tarot Cards from the Halloween Raid Box.

    New Halloween event features: three Spooky Tarot Cards with ghostly effects:

    • Spooky Tarot Card [Ghost]: with the spooky ghost tarot card, you move as swiftly as a ghost. Your movement speed is therefore increased and avoiding attacks is increased by 100 %. The duration of use is 3 hours. You need level 1 for this.

    • Spooky Tarot Card [Dracula]: the spooky Dracula tarot card, you become a blood sucker. There's 3 % chance of it creating the 'Blood-sucking Dracula' effect. The duration of use is 3 hours. Your need level 1 for this.

    • Spooky Tarot Card [Scarecrow]: this spooky tarot card calls upon your dark powers. Your element of darkness will be increased by 200 and your resistance against the light element is increased by 5%. The duration of use is 3 hours. Your need level 1 for this.

    • Trick or Treat for everyone - in the daily quests from the NPCs in NosVille:

      Meet Eric, Mary, Eva Energy, Malcolm Mix and Teoman Topp and grab useful items in the 'Trick or Treat' quests! This includes yellow and black Pumpkin Sweets, the Halloween Blessing, a Glowing Pumpkin Hat or a Halloween Costume Scroll. You will also receive Bags of Sweets for completing the quests which you can swap for Jack O'Lantern's Seal.

      Reach for treats and put on a costume!

      • Sweets such as yellow and black pumpkin sweets are dropped when you eliminate monsters. You can have them as a snack, or swap them for a Halloween Costume Scroll or a raid seal for Jack O'Lantern.

      • Put on the new Glowing Pumpkin Hat! It's the latest fashion trend in the village! You can get this ultra-smart headgear from the Halloween Horror Box or from the Raid Box.

      • Halloween Costume Scroll: transform into 10 different dark creatures that you already know from the game. The new costume gives you four times the attack and twice the defence power.

      Put the fear of Halloween into Jack O'Lantern and make NosVille an unsafer place... after all 'tis the season to be scary.

      Get more information at: https://board.en.nostale.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/6588-Maintenance-25-10-18-9-00h-CEST/?postID=75777#post75777

      Have a spine-chilling time!
      Your NosTale Team

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