Jun 06

Get excited and cheer on your team - with the new Euro 2012 bushis!

By Lady Sky (Community Manager) in Nostale,Updates - 06. June 2012

Hello Football Fan!
Soon everything will all be about the world's favourite pastime. For the Euro 2012 we're getting new additions to the NosTale family!

Get your very own bushi in the colours of your country! During the entire Euro 2012 from the 8th of June to the 1st of July 2012, your pets will be waiting for their chance to shine - they can be found in random boxes in the NosMall.

But be careful: once you've got the playmaker out of the box, there's no stopping him and there is 10% chance of him making an opponent black out.

May your new companion bring your team lots of good luck!

Have fun!

Your NosTale Team

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Von llaubacher [S1-NosCitadel] 5 year(s) ago


This surely sounds nice but I wonder what countries (their colours) will be the bushies in? Are there going to be only those on picture above? Or we can get any other as well? Vote for the Czech Republic dress kind! Regards llaubacher


Von derekz [S1-NosCitadel] 5 year(s) ago




Von llaubacher [S1-NosCitadel] 5 year(s) ago


Please do tell us if the "Country colours" of bushies only obtain those who are displayed above, or if there will be more "species" to choose from? I´d like to get "Czech Republic Bushi" if possible.. Regards


Von xXxUrBaNoxXx [S1-NosCitadel] 5 year(s) ago




Von snovet 5 year(s) ago


bushi footbal


Von skivokoskaBG [S1-NosCitadel] 5 year(s) ago


Where I can get this bushi?:-)


Von ~Sweet~Music~ [S1-NosCitadel] 5 year(s) ago


Nice ^^™


Von Mimy:) [S1-NosCitadel] 5 year(s) ago


Cute and cool ... i want it !!


Von Ana 5 year(s) ago


They're really cool, but I'm portuguese... I wanted one bushy with Portugal colours but there isn't one :'(


Von [CROATIA] [S1-NosCitadel] 5 year(s) ago


Lol... 1st thing Turkey isn't even on EURO 2012... they were kicked from the qualifications by Croatia, so why isnt there a Cro Bushi ...


Von skivokoskaBG [S1-NosCitadel] 5 year(s) ago


how i can get this bushi?


Von wTFisLIFE? [S1-NosCitadel] 5 year(s) ago




Von snovet [S1-NosCitadel] 5 year(s) ago


Good bushi football thanx for all How Can im get fotball bushi ? plssssssss say


Von snovet [S1-NosCitadel] 5 year(s) ago


cool item thanx ^_^ HaHaHaHa!!!!! pls how can get its box or bushi


Von Baluma [S1-NosCitadel] 5 year(s) ago


You can get bushis from the picture. And also the Czech one is between them ;)


Von megabaha [S1-NosCitadel] 5 year(s) ago



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