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[From 28/8/2018] Challenge of the Week – Solve Challenges and Pick Up Amazing Prizes!

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Nostale - 28. August 2018

Did you complete your last adventure with ease? Are you hungering for a new challenge?
Then join in our ‘Challenge of the Week’ and take on a variety of tricky puzzles for 7 weeks. Loads of great prizes are waiting to be won!

What’s involved?

  • Each week we’ll give you 2 challenges each with 3 difficulty levels. If you succeed, you’ll receive 1, 2 or 3 event coupon(s) in reward, depending on the chosen difficulty level (bronze, silver or gold).

  • To heighten the excitement, we’ll announce the challenges here shortly before the start each time: View challenges

  • There will be a final scoring once all the ‘Challenges of the Week’ are over. The fantastic prizes, large and small, will be awarded according to the number of event coupons you collect.

Here are the first two challenges:

  • Win 3, 6 or 10 Instant Combats.

  • Collect 10,000, 50,000 or 200,000 reputation points.

Here are the rewards:

1-2 Coupons -> 10x Seed of Power
3-4 Coupons -> 3x Fairy Booster (Event)
5-9 Coupons -> 3x Soulstone Blessing (Event)
10-14 Coupons -> 3x Ancelloan’s Blessing (Event)
15-19 Coupons -> 20x Angel’s Feather
20-24 Coupons -> 20x Full Moon Crystal
25 Coupons -> 5x Yellow Gem (= 50,000 Gold)
26 Coupons -> 5x Green Gem (= 150,000 Gold)
27 Coupons -> 3x Blue Gem (= 300,000 Gold)
28 Coupons -> 3x NosMerchant Medal (1 Day/Event)
29 Coupons -> 3x Adventurer’s Knapsack (10 Days/Event)
30 Coupons -> 3x Partner’s Backpack (10 Days/Event)
31 Coupons -> 5x Small Ruby of Completion
32 Coupons -> 5x Small Sapphire of Completion
33 Coupons -> 5x Small Obsidian of Completion
34 Coupons -> 5x Small Topaz of Completion
35 Coupons -> 1x New event pet
36 Coupons -> 1x Partner Skill Ticket (Single) + 1x Skin for Jennifer

Note: If you have collected 5 event coupons, you’ll receive the prize for 5 coupons, as well as those for 1 and 3 coupons.

Join this exciting adventure, collect as many event coupons as you can and snap up some amazing prizes.
Let the challenges commence!

The NosTale Team

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