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[From 1/11/2017] Magic Bone Drake Chest and Mother Nature’s Rune Pack in the NosWheel

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Nostale - 30. October 2017

Starting 1/11/2017 you’ll find the Magic Bone Drake Chest and Mother Nature’s Rune Pack available in the NosWheel! Test your luck and pick up some amazing items:

Main prizes
Magic Bone Drake Chest
Mother Nature's Rune Pack
Desert Set (costume exclusively for male characters)
Dancer Set (costume exclusively for female characters)
Little Princess Venus
Fairy Wings
Onyx Wings
Golden Wings

Other prizes
Bone Warrior Ragnar
Steampunk Weapon Skin
Frosty Ice Wings
Blazing Fire Wings
Archdaemon Wings
Archangel Wings
Titan Wings
Nelia Nymph Specialist Partner Card
Concierge Uniform Set
Groovy Beach Costume Set
Colourful Jeep Box
'Doni Darkslide' Skateboard
Fibi Frosty
4x Partner Slot Expansion
1x Mount Bead
1x Pet Bead
1x Specialist Partner Card Holder
99x Angel’s Feather
50x Gourmet Pet Food
20x Mysterious Hair Dye
99x Soulstone Blessing
50x Partner Medicine
20x Fairy Booster
10x Tarot Card Game
99x Sealed Vessels
99x Full Moon Crystal
10x Release Scroll
20x Lumps of Gold + 500 NosDollars
99x Reward Coupon
99x Production Coupon
10x Name Tag for Pets

You can also purchase the following items directly in the NosMall:
Jinn's Specialist Partner Card

Remember you’ve got to spin it to win it!
The NosTale Team

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