Jan 14

FanArt - January 2015

By Lady Sky (Community Manager) in FanArt - 14. January 2015

You'd like to show us what kind of great drawings you can create? In this case feel free to participate in our contest and send in your selfmade picture.

FanArt's Theme:

Our NosVille friends are going on a long journey to explore new lands. What will they find? Are there new monsters or people they will meet? Send us your colorful FanArt!


The following objects have to be on the picture:

Mimi Mentor:

Young Mole:

Conditions of participation:

  • Every player can only win 1 prize, even if he/she won with more than 1 picture.
  • Please don't send screenshots (also no edited ones). Those will not be evaluated.
  • Please send your nickname and server as soon as you send your picture to us.
  • Players who send pictures of other artists will be disqualified from future contests and will receive a penalty.
  • The picture has to cover the required topics: NosTale, Long Journey, "Mimi Mentor" and "Young Mole"
  • Deadline: On 31.01.2015 you at least have to send your picture to fanart@nostale.co.uk


Have fun!


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Von CuteSwordy~ [S1-NosCitadel] 3 year(s) ago


Excuse me , I would like yo know if the drawings must be drawed on sheet or it can be a digital drawing ( e.g. photoshop one),or it can be both ?

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