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FanArt December: Winners

By Lady Sky (Community Manager) in FanArt - 24. March 2014


With a lot of fun and noise we celebrated new year and you showed us some nice pictures about what happened in NosVille! This time it was hard to decide, since every graphic has its own beauty and I want to thank you all for those amazing picutes. Don’t be sad if you didn’t win, we are happy about every picture we received!


The winners will receive following prices

1st place : New Year Lucky Pig Bead

2nd place : Divine Fairy of your choice

3rd place : Magic Robe of Shadow and Magic Hat of Shadow


1st place

_Youkai_ Fyriel Harvest~Moon3  Killer5353 Lord_Xenu Rykoa shakuganchan skaghonat

From left to right

  • _Youkai_
  • Fyriel
  • Harvest~Moon<3
  • Killer5353
  • Lord_Xenu
  • Rykoa
  • shakuganchan
  • skaghonat


2nd place

Angela~ darkness-metal Moonsong naier Natalija NOSTALEEEE copy PeshoAlalo PrincessLaura StarBear wolfgirlakita

From left to right

  • Angela~ 
  • darkness-metal
  • Moonsong
  • naier
  • Natalija
  • KillingSpartan
  • PeshoAlalo*
  • PrincessLaura
  • StarBear
  • wolfgirlakita

Please send a mail to and tell me which fairy you would like to have.


3rd place

~Sweet-Music~ assassins BlackLynx Chocobo12 Killersmage K-Boom IceCream4 Erakis Latias~ Light~Keeper Lillyangely^^ MagicWolfDude

From left to right

  • ~Sweet-Music~
  • >>assassins<<
  • BlackLynx
  • Chocobo12
  • Killersmage
  • K-Boom
  • IceCream4
  • Erakis
  • Latias~*
  • Light~Keeper
  • Lillyangely^^
  • MagicWolfDude


Congratulations to the winners and thanks for participation! Prices will be send out in the next weeks.

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Article comments (4)


Von Chidi [S1-NosCitadel] 4 year(s) ago


So I lost just because I send to the wrong email....


Von ~Sweet-Music~ [S1-NosCitadel] 4 year(s) ago


I just wanna ask if prizes have come out yet, because i don't have mine yet :P


Von ~Sweet-Music~ [S1-NosCitadel] 4 year(s) ago


When do we receive the prizes? I haven't got mine yet.


Von wolfgirlakita [S1-NosCitadel] 3 year(s) ago


6 months and still no prize, and I've sent 3 e-mails listing my fairy type...

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