Aug 08

[8–15/8/2019] NosTale Celebrates International Cat Day

By Threepwood in Shop - 08. August 2019

Meow! Is it can be hugz tiem?! In honour of International Cat Day, we’ve got some extra special offers in the NosMall until 15th August. Pick up Sir Purcival, Pirate King Blackwhiskers or one of their friends!

Check out these 8 purrfect pedigrees seeking a new home during the offer:

  • Sir Purcival

  • Baron Scratch

  • Admiral Horatio Ginger

  • Pirate King Blackwhiskers

  • Skelekat Groom

  • Zombikit Bride

  • MechaMog

  • Puss in Boots

Whether yours is a mystic mog or a top cat, each one of these NosTale pets will charm the socks off you.
Have fun with your new companion!

The NosTale Team

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