May 07

[7/5–13/5] Live Life the Colourful Way: Juicy Discounts for Rainbow Week!

By Threepwood in Shop - 07. May 2019

Let’s paint the world of NosTale every colour of the rainbow! Between 7th May (11 AM) and 13th May (11 AM), we’re celebrating Rainbow Week with discounts on a whole range of vivid and colourful costumes, bushtails and others items.

Inject a little colour and add some spice to life. Why not surprise your friends with a new hair dye? Maybe you can be bring a smile to their faces with a colourful bushi. Or even dress up like a bushtail yourself! The costume comes in a variety of different colours.

Look out for these bright and beautiful items on offer this week:

  • Colourful Jeep Box

  • Hair Colour Mix

  • Mysterious Hair Dye

  • Motley Bushi Costume Box

  • Motley Bushi Box

  • Enchanting Unicorn Box

Turn this week into a riot of colour!
The NosTale Team

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