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[7–28/2/2018] Pretty in Pink! Cute Items for the Valentine’s Day Event

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Nostale - 07. February 2018

Put on a performance in pink! Between 7/2 and 28/2/2018 we’ve got a special pack of sweet items available for direct purchase to coincide with our Valentine’s Day Event.

The Pink Bushtail Package includes:

- 1x Pink Bushi Costume Set (Permanent)
- 1x Pink Bushi
- 1x Pink Unicorn

The costume is the perfect outfit for your Valentine’s Day date in NosTale, also providing you the following effects:
- Costume: Provides a 5% probability of reducing damage by 80% while increasing your light resistance by 2%
- Hat: Provides a 3% chance to cast a Blackout on your opponent and also increases light resistance by 2%

The Pink Unicorn will carry you with a speed of 22, +3 in NosVille and Port Alveus. If you use a Speed Booster, you’ll be teleported to a random point on the map. Just like magic!

Have a great time during the festival of love! <3

The NosTale Team

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