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[7/2-28/2/2018] Cute Bunnies and Awesome Gifts in the Lunar New Year Event

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Events,Nostale - 06. February 2018

A thieving bunny will be running riot between 7/2 and 28/2/2018! Retrieve the stolen goods from him and return them to Mimi Mentor to receive some awesome items.

Here’s how the event works:
- The Bunny Thief will randomly appear when you defeat monsters on regular maps.
- The difference between the enemies’ level and your own should not be more than 10.
- You’ll have to be quick to catch the Bunny Thief before he hops away. You can strike him 5 times before he disappears. Each blow will cause him to drop cool items or gold.
- If you bring 5 Stolen Gift Bags (Event) and 5 Stolen Lucky Charms (Event) to Mimi Mentor, she’ll give you a New Year's Gift Box (Event) in return.
- All event items disappear at the end of the event.

You can get the following items from the New Year’s Gift Box:
- Bushtail Costume Scroll (Event)
a) You transform into one of multiple different bushis and earn 10% more experience.
b) If you’re really lucky, you’ll turn into a Cute Bunny, giving you a 30% experience bonus.
c) The experience bonuses last for 30 minutes.
- Cute Bunny (Pet)
- March Hare Costume (7 Days)
- March Hare Hat (7 Days)
- Adorable Bunny Costume (7 Days)
- Adorable Bunny Ears (7 Days)
- Golden New Year's Carrot (Event)
- Fresh Carrot Juice (Event)
- Tasty Carrot Snack (Event)

Have fun on the rabbit hunt!
The NosTale Team

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