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[7/2-28/2/2018] Valentine’s Day Event in NosTale – Share the Love!

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Events - 06. February 2018

Is there someone special who you’ve always wanted to tell how much you love them? Then seize your opportunity in the Valentine’s Day Event! From 7/2 to 28/2/2018 you’ll have a chance to show that special someone how much they mean to you – the season for lovers and good friends has arrived! Show people how much you like them with a gift!

Show your true feelings in the Valentine’s Day Event and look forward to these highlights:

- Hunt monsters and collect Chocolate, Gift Boxes and Ribbons.
- Exchange the items for a Valentine's Day Gift from Eva Energy, giving you the chance to show your love!
- If your friend accepts the gift, you’ll benefit from extra energy and strength from the Valentine's Day Blessing. This increases your attack and defence power for a certain length of time.
- 1-3 Gifts: Small Valentine's Day Blessing
- 4-9 Gifts: Valentine's Day Blessing
- 10+ Gifts: Big Valentine's Day Blessing
- Remember that your gifts can also be rejected – stay strong!
- Don’t be shy, share your love! You can declare your love up to three times per day.

Give your loved ones a treat with the wonderful gifts for Valentine’s Day!

Have you been dreaming of a beautiful wedding?

Then let your dreams come true and pick up a Wedding Box at a 20% discount.
Just remember that marriage shouldn’t be taken lightly, and separating again can be a painful experience, which is why the Separation Letter now costs 20% more.

This offer lasts for the duration of the Valentine’s Day Event.

The NosTale Team

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