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[7/2–27/2/2019] 3 Valentine’s Day Events in NosTale

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Event,Nostale - 07. February 2019

Is there someone special who you’ve always wanted to tell how much you love them? Then seize your opportunity in the Valentine’s Day Event! Declare your undying love between 7th and 27th February 2019, collect a new partner and transform yourself into cute bunnies and bushtails.

Event: Love is in the Air

Gather up all your courage and give Valentine’s Day gifts to your friends and loved ones.

How it works:

  • Hunt monsters and collect Chocolate, Gift Boxes and Ribbons.

  • Exchange the items for a Valentine's Day Gift from Eva Energy, giving you the chance to show your love!

  • If your friend accepts the gift, you’ll benefit from extra energy and strength from the Valentine's Day Blessing. This increases your attack and defence power for a certain length of time.
    1-3 Gifts: Small Valentine's Day Blessing
    4-9 Gifts: Valentine's Day Blessing
    10+ Gifts: Big Valentine's Day Blessing

  • Remember that your gifts can also be rejected – stay strong!

  • Don’t be shy, share your love! You can declare your love up to three times per day.

Event: Amora’s Missing Wings

Love can be a double-edged sword. The tragic case of the Wingless Amora and her true love will pull at your heartstrings. But you’ll soon feel all warm and cuddly inside again with the quest reward in the form of a ranged partner: Wingless Amora (available once per character).

Can’t get enough of this super-sweet partner? Then head on over to the NosMall and pick up Amora’s Specialist Partner Card.

Event: Mimi Needs Help

Thieving swine are roaming the lands in NosTale and have played a nasty trick on Mimi Mentor! Return Mimi’s stolen items and earn yourself a New Year's Gift Box.

How it works:

  • Talk to Mimi Mentor.

  • Travel around the world of NosTale and defeat monsters. With a bit of luck, one of these pigs will appear which can give you an experience bonus of 10% (excluding Instant Combat, raids, Time-Spaces and Glacernon).

  • The thieves won’t defend themselves and can be beat with just 5 blows, but make sure those little good-for-nothings don’t slip through your fingers.

  • After each blow, a pig will drop one of the following items:

    • Gold

    • Golden New Year's Carrot

    • Tasty Carrot Snack

    • Stolen Gift Bag

    • Stolen Lucky Charm

  • Return the stolen goods back to Mimi and you’ll earn a New Year's Gift Box.

The New Year's Gift Box may contain the following:

  • New Year Lucky Pig

  • Bushtail Costume Scroll

  • March Hare Costume (7 Days)

  • March Hare Hat (7 Days)

  • Adorable Bunny Costume (7 Days)

  • Adorable Bunny Ears (7 Days)

  • Golden New Year's Carrot

  • Fresh Carrot Juice

  • Tasty Carrot Snack

Use the bushtail scroll to transform yourself into a heart-meltingly cute bunny (effect: +30% experience) or one of 7 different bushtails (effect: +10% experience).

Enjoy the season of love!
The NosTale Team

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