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[7–28/2/19] Pink Packages for Valentine’s Day

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Event,Nostale,Shop - 07. February 2019

Arrive at your dream wedding on the back of a Pink Unicorn.
It’s a simple dress code: Pink Bushi Costumes!
Between 7th and 28th February 2019, you can find a package full of super sweet items available for purchase directly.
Note: Since the code of honour forbids Martial Artists from wearing such costumes, the Valentine’s Day pack will not be displayed to this class in the NosMall.
The Pink Bushtail Package includes:

  • 1x Pink Bushi Costume Set (Permanent)

  • 1x Pink Bushi

  • 1x Pink Unicorn

The costume is the perfect outfit for your Valentine’s Day date in NosTale, also providing you the following effects:

  • Costume: Provides a 5% probability of reducing damage by 80% while increasing your light resistance by 2%

  • Hat: Provides a 3% chance to cast a Blackout on your opponent and also increases light resistance by 2%

  • The Pink Unicorn will carry you with a speed of 22, +3 in NosVille and Port Alveus. If you use a Speed Booster, you’ll be teleported to a random point on the map. Just like magic!

    Discounts for Your Dream Wedding
    Did you summon up all your courage to pop the question? And they said ‘Yes’?!
    Congratulations! <3
    Then let your dreams come true and pick up a Wedding Box at a 20% discount.
    Just remember that marriage shouldn’t be taken lightly, and separating again can be a painful experience, which is why the Separation Letter now costs 20% more.

    Offer lasts until 28th February 2019.
    Have a great time during the festival of love! <3
    The NosTale Team

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