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[5–13/12] Random Box – Fibi, Frost Warriors and Fairy Wings

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Nostale,Shop - 05. December 2018

A magical chest can be found in the NosMall until 13th December (11 AM CET), radiating a frosty magic which bathes heroes in the necessary coolness.
Open the random box and find out what’s waiting for you inside! With a bit of luck, you’ll get your hands on a pair of Fairy Wings, a Frost Warrior Costume Set or Fibi Frosty.

  • Fairy Wings

    • Changes your specialist’s wings into Fairy Wings

    • Increases movement speed by 1

    • After attacking, there is a 7% chance that the attack skill’s cooldown will be reset

  • Fibi Frosty

    • Casts Freeze on attack

    • Damage Fibi takes has a 30% chance of being reduced by 90%

  • Frost Warrior Costume Set

    • Increases melee defence by player level

    • Increases movement speed by 2

    • Provides 3% chance of causing Shivering Frost

    • Other items you can obtain from the box

  • Gourmet Pet Food

  • Partner Medicine

  • Fairy Booster

  • Cylloan Spring Water

  • Magic Speed Booster (7 Days)

Have fun exploring the contents!
The NosTale Team

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