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[5–12/3] Discounted Party and Detective Sets

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Nostale,Shop - 05. March 2019

The ink is still fresh on that detective licence in your pocket, and you’re now working on your first case. Three girls have gone missing without a trace, and you and your 2 detective colleagues are following up all the leads you can. One clue points leads you to the NosMall. Quietly you open the door and slip inside.


Your colleague in the Brown Detective Set looks down sheepishly and holds up a hand in apology. Rubbing your shoulder, you sigh and wave him off. Clearly he’s not got used to the increased attack power his outfit gives him, on top of the bonus MP and HP.

Is that giggling you hear up ahead?

You give your colleagues the signal to follow you. The playful laughter and happy voices get louder, and reaching the corner, you take a peep around and finally see the source: it’s the girls you’ve been looking for, wearing pink, yellow and blue dresses.
But wait, they’re not alone! There must be at least a dozen other girls there, showing off their dresses to one another, plus a few youngsters in detective outfits.

Your quick-witted sleuthing skills soon have the answer: the Party and Detective Sets must be on offer!

You notice the boards standing in the aisles proudly advertising the items.

For the girls

  • Pink Party Set (Permanent); extra attack power and MP

  • Yellow Party Set (Permanent); extra defence and HP

  • Blue Party Set (Permanent); extra attack power, MP and HP

For the boys

  • Red Detective’s Set (Permanent); extra attack power and MP

  • Golden Detective’s Set (Permanent); extra defence and HP

  • Brown Detective’s Set (Permanent); extra attack power, MP and HP

With a sigh of relief, you turn to give your colleagues the ‘all clear’, but they’ve already joined the revellers in snapping up the great bargains. You shrug your shoulders and join them.
The “Case of the Missing Girls” has been solved – you’ve certainly earned the right to treat yourself to a new Detective Set!

The NosTale Team

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