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[29-31/7/2019] Doubled chance of Onyx Wings

By Threepwood in Event,Shop - 29. July 2019

Take off with the might of the Onyx dragon! For a short time only, you have twice the chance to win Onyx Wings on the NosWheel. These dark wings have a set chance of summoning the Onyx Dragon's Shadow to attack. This repeats your previous attack. They also increase your movement speed by 1.

Don’t let this fantastic double chance get away!

Period: From 29th July until 31st July (11 AM CEST).

Main prizes

  • One-Winged Perti Specialist Partner Card

  • Magic Donkey Piñata Chest

  • Pixie Costume Chest

  • Little Princess Venus

  • Onyx Wings

  • Dracula Set

  • Mother Nature’s Rune Pack

  • Zephyr Wings

  • Magic Student Yuna

  • 10x Champion Blessing Amulet (Random)

Other prizes

  • 99x Sealed Vessels

  • Puss in Boots

  • Fluffy McFly

  • 10x Tarot Card Game

  • 20x Fairy Booster

  • 50x Partner Medicine

  • 99x Full Moon Crystal

  • Jennifer’s Key

  • 50x Gourmet Pet Food

  • Cowboy Bushtail

  • 99x Angel Wings

  • Jinn

  • Mega Titan Wings

  • Windsurfer Box

  • Archdaemon Amon’s Specialist Partner Card

  • Special Ops Bushi

  • Specialist Partner Card Holder

  • Viking Bushi

  • Leona

  • 20x Tiny Lump of Gold + 500 NosDollars

  • Nelia Nymph

  • Sheriff Chloe’s Specialist Partner Card

  • Guardian Lucifer’s Specialist Partner Card

  • Hongbi

  • Cheongbi

  • Enchanting Unicorn Box

  • Oto-Fox Costume Set

Good luck!
The NosTale Team

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