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[23/12–30/12/2016] Top Items for Top Prices

By Jophiel (Quality Assurance) in Nostale,Updates - 23. December 2016

2016-11-21_nt_grafiken_furs_shopupdate_iu99_1_groses_news_bannerDon’t miss this great opportunity to shower yourself in gifts! The top ten items from the NosMall will be available at a 30% discount between Friday, 23rd December and Friday, 30th December. Pick up the following items for a great price:

•    Amulet of God’s Blessing

•    Champion Blessing Amulet (Random)

•    Equipment Protection Scroll

•    Golden Equipment Protection Scroll

•    Golden Specialist Card Holder

•    Ancelloan’s Blessing

•    Perfume

•    NosMerchant Medal (30 Days)

•    Lower SP Protection Scroll

•    Higher SP Protection Scroll

Have fun in the shop!

The NosTale Team

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