May 23

[23–30/5] Leo Hops into a Random Box for World Turtle Day!

By Threepwood in Event,Shop - 23. May 2019

Hey, my name’s Leo!

As you might have noticed, I’m a turtle, and today’s a very special day for me – that’s right, 23rd May is World Turtle Day! What better reason could there be for a very special random box. And best of all, it’s got my name on it!

Some people call me a coward, but that’s not really fair. The truth is… well, I’m shy is all. But not if the right music’s playing. Then I really come out of my shell!

So how about it? Wouldn’t you like to have a party animal like me as your pet? With a bit of good luck, you’ll find me as the jackpot in Leo’s Random Box. You can buy it in the NosMall between 23rd and 30th May 2019.

Everyone wants to have me. Understandable really. But as I’m rather shy, I won’t climb into every box. Still, no need to worry, there are loads of other great items waiting for you in the random boxes.

Leo’s Random Box contains 1 random item:

  • Jackpot: Leo the Coward

  • Fairy Wings

  • 15x Gourmet Pet Food

  • 30x Soulstone Blessing

  • 120x Huge Recovery Potion

  • 1x NosMate Summoning Book

  • 8x Fairy Booster

  • 5x Tarot Card Game

  • 30x Sealed Vessels

  • 5x Treasure Chest Skeleton Key

The items will be delivered to you unpacked. That is, all except for me of course – I’m always packing my sexy shell!

Best of luck,
Your Leo

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