Jun 21

[21/6–8/7/2019] NosVille in Football Fever!

By Threepwood in Shop - 21. June 2019

The Women’s World Cup in France is progressing to the knock-out stages, and the fans are going wild with excitement. NosVille has also come down with a case of football fever. Join the fun and head over to the NosMall where you’ll find bushtails in the jerseys of your favourite national side, available until 8th July.

The noise ramps up in the stadium, the crowd cheering wildly as their team push forward for another attack. A beautiful looping cross from the wings, it’s headed on towards the box… She takes it full on the volley and… GOOOOOOAAL!!! What a beautiful strike, that calls for celebration! It’s time to slip on your team’s jersey and cheer with your Football Bushi. What better way to show your support as the Women’s World Cup enters the final stages.

The Football Bushtails have a 10% chance of giving your enemies a Blackout.

The fan set, consisting of cap and jersey, not only looks fantastic but also makes you stronger. The cap increases your resistance to the fire element by 10%, whilst the jersey increases your maximum HP by 600.

These items are available in the NosMall:
• Football Bushtail
• 9 bushtails wearing national strips
• 1 Referee Bushtail
• Football Fan Set

Enjoy the World Cup!
The NosTale Team

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