May 21

[21/5–24/5/19] For True Treasure Hunters: Skeleton Key Boxes with Benefits

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Nostale,Shop - 21. May 2019

Treasure chests contain amazing riches, but sometimes they can be hard to open. Fortunately that’s not a problem for people with Treasure Chest Skeleton Keys. Thanks to the 3 new boxes, you can stock up on these keys… and if lady luck is smiling, you’ll reap twice the amount!

Between 21st and 24th May 2019 (11 AM CEST), you can pick up Skeleton Keys in the NosMall – the perfect tool for veritable treasure hunters!

The Skeleton Key Boxes are available in three different sizes:

  • Small Skeleton Key Boxes contain 10 Treasure Chest Skeleton Keys

  • Medium Skeleton Key Boxes contain 20 Treasure Chest Skeleton Keys

  • Large Skeleton Key Boxes contain 50 Treasure Chest Skeleton Keys

When you buy a box, you have the chance to get twice the amount of keys contained. The chances of success depend on the size of the bundle.

A different number of keys are required to open treasure chests depending on rarity.

Good treasure hunting!
The NosTale Team

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