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[21.12.2016-18.01.2017] Winter Event 2016

By Jophiel (Quality Assurance) in Nostale,Updates - 20. December 2016

2016-11-18_nt_newsgrafiken_winterevent_612x250Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? Not on your nelly! This year's winter event comes decked out in majestic stripes and swinging sharp claws. Maru the Millennial Tiger is plaguing NosVille and stalking the townsfolk. Face off against him in the raid and show him who's boss!

Look out for these highlights from the 21th December 2016 until the 18th January 2017:

  • Specialist Partner Cards:

Transform Tom and Kliff into the Millennial Tiger with Maru's Specialist Partner Card.

The second card, 'Maru in Mother's Fur' transforms Tom and Kliff into a tiger disguised as the caring mother of siblings.

The partner has three razor-sharp skills: Hi-yah!, Spin Up and Tiger Power

  • Raid against Maru the Millennial Tiger:

Challenge Maru and his minions in the raid! Use Maru's Raid Seal to confront him. If you're successful, you'll be rewarded with his Tiger Chest.

Tip: In the raid you can neither make yourself invisible, nor summon miniatures as Jajamaru.

  • Daily Quests:

-Searching for the Siblings' Mother

-Save the Siblings

-Need Sesame Oil

Maru's Raid Seal and Brass Coins can be earned as rewards for the daily guests.

  • Event Quest:

Exchange Brass Coins for a Wanderer's Chest from the new NPC, the Wanderer, and pick up some great items.

  • Red Bean Rice Cakes and Sesame Oil

By hunting monsters you can collect Red Bean Rice Cakes and Sesame Oil. Exchange these items for a reward, or use them yourself. The cake replenishes you and your NosMate's HP and MP, whilst the Sesame Oil can be used in the raid.

  • Snowman raid

    You can only seek revenge against the snow monster for the Vikings after you have successfully completed the quest and mastered the Timespace. Grab your friends and give it hell! Get a Raidbox as a reward. This also contains the great Specialist Partner Cards and other winter event items.
  • Daily quests from six NPCs in NosVille: encounter good and bad reindeers, let the bells sound, see how a scarf is made from magic wool and a knitting needle and lots more. Collect colourfully striped Christmas Stockings as a reward for completed quests and swap them for a Christmas Gift Box.
  • Wear golden letters (H,A,P,Y) and white letters (N,E,W,Y,A,R) together. They are dropped by monsters. If you can form the words HAPPY NEW YEAR, you can swap them for a New Year's Box and/or a Golden New Year's Box. With a bit of luck you will find a Movement Scroll, smart costumes or various fireworks.

Write your own winter fairytale and show that tiger the business end of the whip!

Wishing you a wonderful winter event!

The NosTale Team

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