Mar 16

FanArt January: Winners

By Lady Sky (Community Manager) in FanArt - 16. March 2015


We want to thank you all for those amazing picutes and great ideas. Don’t be sad if you didn’t win, we are happy about every picture we received - maybe you win the next FanArt contest!


The winners will receive following prices

1st place : Foxy's Specialist Partner Card and Extra Large Warehouse

2nd place : Oto-Fox Costume and Extra Large Warehouse

3rd place : Sculpture of Brown Fox and Extra Large Warehouse

1st place



From left to right

  • _Youkai_
  • G73DZ
  • YukiMizu
  • Lord_Xenu
  • lLeah
  • skaghonat


2nd place


From left to right

  • Kallik
  • Asanichi
  • RaveJean
  • Fallen_Leaf
  • darkness-metal
  • naier
  • ~~~Archer~~~
  • CuteSwordy~


3rd place

Galaco ColdplayChidi~Naomi~appie2000KryiusAngela~ L0letta

From left to right

  • Galaco
  • Coldplay
  • Chidi
  • ~Naomi~
  • appie2000
  • Kryius
  • Angela~
  • L0letta


Congratulations to the winners and thanks for participation! Prices will be send out in the next weeks.

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Article comments (3)


Von Asanichi [S1-NosCitadel] 3 year(s) ago


Wanted Foxy T.T But ehh I'm grateful for the contest. Thank you ^^


Von appie2000 [S1-NosCitadel] 3 year(s) ago


whats a Sculpture of Brown Fox? It better be worth good in the game.


Von appie2000 [S1-NosCitadel] 3 year(s) ago


just realized what it is......

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