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[19/7–16/8/17] Summer Event 2017: Grab a bunny by the ears!

By Jophiel (Quality Assurance) in Community,Nostale,Updates - 19. July 2017

You think bunnies only hop around at Easter? Not in NosTale! This year's summer event is all about bunnies, carrots and a rather shady tortoise. Confront the clever little Lola Lopears in the raid and pick up some great event items. While you're at it, pick up the Specialist Partner Card for Lucy Lopears!

SUMMER HIGHLIGHTS FROM 19/7/2015 TO 16/8/2017

Lucy Lopears' Specialist Partner Card
Pick up the new Specialist Partner Card with the fire element. Lucy Lopears will be your loyal, powerful partner.

You could call her Lucy's evil sister: Lola Lopears! Confront her in the raid – but keep your wits about you when you face her little army of bunnies, and the bunny burrows the long-ears come hopping out of. Lola also plants a giant carrot in the ground which you must destroy as quickly as possible. Each member of your raid team needs Lola Lopears' Raid Seal before you can start. If you manage to swing the battle in your favour, with a bit of luck you might find the new partner in the raid box.

Event Quests:
A host of challenging quests will demand your utmost skills. You'll be rewarded with Ginseng Leaves and Carrots, and these handy items will help you by regenerating HP and MP.

Daily Quests: Ginseng Digger and Raphael's Story
As a reward for the daily quests, you'll find the Tortoise Present and Lola Lopears' Raid Seal.

• Lola's Bed Bunnies and Lola's Master Bunnies: Lola Lopears' followers.
• Raphael the Tortoise: NPC in Port Alveus who provides you with (partly) useful information.

Whilst the bunny invasion is going in NosVille, the pirates will again be paying a visit to Port Alveus.
You can find more information about Captain Pete O'Peng and his daring crew here:

Free NosVille from the bunny plague and earn yourself a new partner!

Wishing you a fluffy fun summer,
The NosTale Team

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