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[15-22/7] Extra cool content in the Frosty Random Box

By Threepwood in Shop - 15. July 2019

The new Frosty Random Box offers the perfect cooling for these hot summer days! Try your luck and aim for the Frost Warrior Costume Set, the Magic Jaguar, Fibi Frosty or one of the other terrific surprises!

The Frosty Random Box is available from 15th to 22nd July in the NosMall. It contains one random item. This will be delivered to you unpacked.

An Icy Tank
Woah, it’s pretty hot out there. Time for a little frost! Your enemies will feel the chill down their spines when you confront them in this armour of dark ice, the Frost Warrior Costume Set. Remember that stylish Magic Jaguar transformation? The Frost Warrior Costume Set gives you just that look, plus you get some powerful defence and debuff effects and a handy speed boost.

Quick like a Cat
Quick and nimble, this predatory cat available in the Magic Jaguar Box will carry you on your NosTale adventures. The beast of prey will even share its majestic appearance with you! As soon as you mount it, you will be covered in a magnificent outfit that is worthy of a noble predator.

The Frosty Random Box contains 1 of these fantastic surprises:

  • Frost Warrior Costume Set

  • Magic Jaguar Box

  • Fibi Frosty

  • 15x Gourmet Pet Food

  • 6x Ancelloan’s Blessing

  • 1x Magic Speed Booster (7 Days)

  • 8x Fairy Booster

  • 5x Tarot Card Game

  • 30x Sealed Vessels

  • 5x Treasure Chest Skeleton Key

  • 12x Fairy Experience Potion

Good luck and enjoy!
The NosTale Team

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