May 14

[14–18/5/18] Get Sporty this Spring

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Nostale - 14. May 2018

The first flowers of spring line the woodland paths and cycle tracks, where ever more joggers can be seen enjoying the sun’s rays. Do you wish your character had a trendy sports outfit? Then head down to the NosMall and check out the extensive selection!

You’ll find a variety of different tracksuits available in packs of 3 (for male characters) or 4 (for female characters). Or pick out your favourite outfits for purchase directly from the following:

  • Noire Black Sportswear (Permanent)

  • Sunny Sportswear (Permanent)

  • Coral Pink Sportswear (Permanent)

  • Fire Sportswear (Permanent)

  • Bluesky Sportswear (Permanent)

  • Fashion Sportswear (Permanent)

  • Hot Pink Sportswear (Permanent)

Have fun getting fit!

The NosTale Team

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