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[12/04-03/05/2017] Enjoy the devilishly good Easter event!

By Jophiel (Quality Assurance) in Nostale,Updates - 11. April 2017

Hello NosPlayers!

Hunting for eggs and scoffing down chocolate bunnies was yesteryear. In NosTale we're really turning up the heat with this Easter event. Hell has broken loose and the imps are on the move. Show Hongbi and Cheongbi what you're made of in the raid, and pick up a Specialist Partner Card while you're at it!

Confront the imps Hongbi and Cheongbi. They'll put up a real fight, summoning little clones of themselves to help. Deal with these pesky demons and earn yourself the Specialist Partner Cards from the raid box.
Hungbu and Nolbu's Strange Seeds
These seed grains have some real surprises in store for you... both good and bad, so keep your wits about you!
Creepy Imps
Drive these imps back through the gates of hell!
Injured Swallow
Find a cure and help this little bird back onto its feet.

Red Bean Soup
This meal gives imps a real bellyache. Put this fluid weapon to good use against them in the raid.
Gradually restores both HP and MP by 5,000.
Hungbu and Nolbu
Once upon a time they were amiable brothers. But then one became stinking rich and was poisoned by greed. The other remained kind-hearted and good-natured. Both of them are offering you a seed which will produce something when you plant it... but just what that is, you'll have to find out for yourselves.




NosVille is preparing for the festival of bunnies and eggs with some wonderful decorations.


Raid: Make sure that the mean Chicken Queen clucks her last cluck! But beware of the Chicken King, who protects his hen and of the chicks that leave the nest. When you complete the raid for the first time, you will receive the Mysterious Egg once per account. You can also gain an egg from a raidbox.

Mysterious Egg:
Click on the egg in your Miniland and it will become your companion. Take it with you into battle and feed it with growth fruit, then soon your new NosMate or your new mount will come out of the egg. With Evolution Fruit, collectable from a raidbox, your pet will grow further.

Hatching pets: young Bouncing Jelly, Jumpy Chicky, Flare

Flare, Blaze + Inferno
These special and fiery foxes will support you.
Flare provides you with one Easter box every day if it supports you at least for one hour.
Blaze has a 10% chance of inflicting a blackout on enemies.
Inferno increases your resistance to fire and summons between one and three Mini-Inferno as support in battle.

If you lovingly provide a hatched NosMate with Evolution Fruit, it will develop into a strong pet. Note: you can only feed them with fruit in the Miniland.

Development levels of pets - from the lowest to the highest level:

  • Young Bouncing Jelly -> Bouncing Jelly -> Young Hopping Jelly -> Hopping Jelly -> Seraphim

  • Jumpy Chicky -> Grumbly Chicky -> Chick Norris

  • Flare -> Blaze -> Inferno

If you still have pets (Jellys and Chickys) from the previous year's events, you can develop these too.

Hatching mounts:
The eggs are not mysterious for no reason – if you are lucky, Marco Pollo, the Spanish riding cockerel will hatch. You don't need to develop this guy when you get him – simply hop on and scamper away. His movement speed throughout the complete Act 1 region is 20. With an additional speedbooster, you'll be on your way faster.


Daily quests: join in on the daily quests from Mimi Mentor, Calvin Coach, Slugg, Eva Energy and Malcolm Mix.

  • Gather yellow and red Easter Eggs! Take the yellow ones to Slugg, the red ones to Eva Energy – and of course there will be a reward! In this way, you will also get to the golden Easter Egg. If you have five of them, you can exchange them with Mimi Mentor for an Easter box.

  • Defeat monsters to get to the Chocolate Rabbits. You need 30 of them to receive the Chicken Queen Seal, and in doing so, take on the battle against the foul fowl.

Wishing you barrels of fun!
The NosTale Team

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