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[10/4–4/6] Challenge of the Week – Are You Marriage Material Yet?

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Event,Nostale - 10. April 2019

A mysterious fortune-teller is visiting NosVille between 10th April and 4th June. She’ll help to turn you into proper marriage material, giving you new tasks in 3 different difficulties every week.

When you enter the dim room, a dizzy feeling overcomes you. Your eyes gradually adjust to the weak candlelight, and you spot the source of that overpowering smell of musk, in the dozens of glimmering incense sticks.

What have you let yourself in for? While toying with the idea of simply leaving again, a mysterious voice breaks the silence and interrupts your train of thought.

‘Don’t back out now!’

You swallow hard and edge imperceptibly closer to the fortune teller, who is visiting the world of NosTale until 4th June.

After all, you would like to find out what – and indeed WHO – the future has in store for you.

‘Come a little closer. Closer than that! Shh, shh, no need to say anything. I know all about you! Don’t look so surprised. My name is Madame Esmeralda, a psychic and the saviour of your love life! Now let me see here... hmm... a little rough around the edges, but you’re not a hopeless case. Don’t worry, Esmeralda knows exactly how to make proper marriage material out of you.’
Madame Esmeralda gestures for you to take a look in her crystal ball and see what the coming weeks hold in store for you:

  • Each week you’ll be faced with 2 challenges each with 3 difficulty levels. If you succeed, your Marriage Material rating will increase by 2, 4 or 7 percent in reward, depending on the chosen difficulty level (bronze, silver or gold).

  • The challenges themselves will appear shortly before the start here: View challenges

  • Once all the ‘Challenges of the Week’ are over, your total will be tallied up. The fantastic prizes, large and small, will be awarded according to how well you’ve proven your worth as Marriage Material.

Prizes? What prizes? As if answering your thoughts, one item after another appears in the crystal ball:

>7% Marriage Material --> 3x Fairy Booster (Event)
>14% Marriage Material --> 3x Soulstone Blessing (Event)
>21% Marriage Material --> 3x Ancelloan’s Blessing (Event)
>28% Marriage Material --> 20x Angel’s Feather
>35% Marriage Material --> 20x Full Moon Crystal
>42% Marriage Material --> 5x Yellow Gem (= 50,000 Gold)
>49% Marriage Material --> 5x Green Gem (= 150,000 Gold)
>56% Marriage Material --> 3x Blue Gem (= 300,000 Gold)
>63% Marriage Material --> 3x NosMerchant Medal (1 Day/Event)
>69% Marriage Material --> 3x Adventurer’s Knapsack (10 Days/Event)
>72% Marriage Material --> 3x Partner’s Backpack (10 Days/Event)
>75% Marriage Material --> 5x Small Ruby of Completion
>78% Marriage Material --> 5x Small Sapphire of Completion
>81% Marriage Material --> 5x Small Obsidian of Completion
>84% Marriage Material --> 5x Small Topaz of Completion
>87% Marriage Material --> 1x Wedding Costume Specialist Card
>91% Marriage Material --> 5x Treasure Chest Skeleton Key (Limited)
>98% Marriage Material --> 1x Giant Lump of Gold (= 1 million Gold)

Note: If you have reach 21% Marriage Material, for example, you’ll receive the prize for 21%, as well as those for 14% and 7%.

While your imagination paints you a picture of a rosy future with your loved one, Madame Esmeralda impatiently taps her foot.

‘So, you got all that?’ Her husky voice tears you out of your daydream. You nod enthusiastically.

‘Fine, then get out of here! And don’t forget you can always find the new weekly challenges here.’

Fully invigorated by what you’ve seen, you set off determined to become the very epitome of eligible marriage material.

Have fun!

The NosTale Team

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