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Jun 05

Design contest for Partner Jennifer - The winners

By Lady Sky (Community Manager) in Events, FanArt - 05. June 2018
Hello everyone! First of all we would like to thank all participants for the amazing entries we have received. It's time to announce the 5 winners whose designs will be sent to Entwell (you can click on the nickname to see the design):
Oct 19

International FanArt Event - NosTale 10th Anniversary

By Lady Sky (Community Manager) in FanArt - 19. October 2017
Hey NosPlayers! NosTale is turning 10 this year and we think it calls for a celebration, don’t you? So let’s get into party mood! We know there is great talent in NosTale, so be creative…some fantastic rewards are awaiting you!
May 20

International FanArt winners

By Lady Sky (Community Manager) in FanArt - 20. May 2016
Hello NosTale Artists!It's time to announce the winners for the International FanArt contest: Act 6 – Forgotten Archipelago!

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