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[21–26/3/18] Stylish Leisure Outfits Available for Direct Purchase!



Jul 19

[19/7–16/8/17] Summer Event 2017: Grab a bunny by the ears!

By Jophiel (Quality Assurance) in Community, Nostale, Updates - 19. July 2017
You think bunnies only hop around at Easter? Not in NosTale! This year's summer event is all about bunnies, carrots and a rather shady tortoise. Confront the clever little Lola Lopears in the raid and pick up some great event items. While you're at it, pick up the Specialist Partner Card for Lucy Lopears! SUMMER HIGHLIGHTS FROM 19/7/2015 TO 16/8/2017 Lucy Lopears' Specialist Partner Card Pick up the new Specialist Partner Card with the fire element. Lucy Lopears will be your loyal, powerful partner.
Feb 15

Dropzone – Renegades Wanted!

By Jophiel (Quality Assurance) in Community, Events - 15. February 2017
The New Strategy Hit on SteamAt Gameforge there’s nothing we love more than games – and now our latest passion has landed: Dropzone! This game is the perfect blend of adrenaline and strategy, of MOBA and RTS, of cerebral tactics and blistering action… and it’s available on Steam right now! Head over to Steam today and check it out for yourself!
Apr 18

International FanArt contest

By Lady Sky (Community Manager) in Community, Events, FanArt - 18. April 2016
Hello NosTale Artists!In order to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the Act6 Update, we would like to invite all of you to share your masterpieces with us. Be creative and have a chance to win amazing prices! Find out below what you can win and how you can participate =)
Dec 02

Advent Calender 2013

By Lady Sky (Community Manager) in Community, Events - 02. December 2013
Hello NosPlayers!The reindeers are waiting, the sleigh's finally clean and the red costume survived the washing machine.Yes, Christmas time returned once again!Just like last year there'll be another Advent Calendar for Nostale where you have the chance to get great prizes every day - at least if you give the right answer to our daily question.So prepare yourself carefully and get ready for it from tomorrow onwards! Advent Calender And please don't forget about the following
Nov 26

Gameforge donates to Philippine disaster relief efforts

By Lady Sky (Community Manager) in Community - 26. November 2013
Dear community,We feel profound sympathy for all the people that were harmed and put in an emergency situation by the typhoon “Haiyan” in Philippines as well as for the relatives of those people who have died. Gameforge wants to support the victims of the typhoon catastrophe in collaboration with the child rights organization “Save the Children” by donating money.By donating, Gameforge would like to help the ones who suffer from this catastrophe the most – the children.

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