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[20-22/7 11:00] 30% Discount Off NosWheel Spins!


Jul 09

[9/7-11/7/2019] Triple Pixie Magic on the NosWheel

By Threepwood in Nostale, Shop - 09. July 2019
Triple your chance at the Pixie Costume Chest with the magical costume set. It comprises a combat-ready Pixie Costume, the Pixie Costume Wings and the Pixie Costume Hat. Eyes up: this increased chance on your NosWheel spins only applies till 11th July!
Jul 05

[5/7–8/7/2019] Grab Your Swimwear!

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Event, Nostale, Shop - 05. July 2019
Come and celebrate International Bikini Day with us! Head over to the NosMall by 11 AM on 8th July and you can pick up a Groovy Beach Costume Set for 7 days absolutely free. Plus why not take the plunge take advantage of a great discount?
Jul 04

New on the NosWheel: A Fiery Companion

By Threepwood in Nostale, Shop - 04. July 2019
Transform your melee partner into an angel of the flames! With a little luck on your side you have a chance to win the One-Winged Perti Specialist Partner Card on the NosWheel from 3rd July. This gives you access to the skills Flame Attack, Fiery Breath and Flaming Armour.

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