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Magic Sleigh on the NosWheel



Dec 13

Magic Sleigh on the NosWheel

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Nostale, Shop - 13. December 2018
Do you want to go on a sleigh ride through the snow but you’re still waiting it to fall? Then spin the NosWheel and with a bit of luck you can pick up the Magic Sleigh today.
Dec 07

[7–13/12/18] New in the NosMall: Full Moon Surprise Box

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Nostale, Shop - 07. December 2018
The pale moonlight falls over NosVille, bathing it in a magical glow. Marvin Magicus and Malcolm Mix have been researching the secret power of the Full Moon Crystals for some time. They’ve already discovered how useful these mysterious items are for improving your specialist cards. For a short time only, they’re offering you a special box in the NosMall which may contain up to 1,000 Full Moon Crystals!
Dec 05

[5–13/12] Random Box – Fibi, Frost Warriors and Fairy Wings

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Nostale, Shop - 05. December 2018
A magical chest can be found in the NosMall until 13th December (11 AM CET), radiating a frosty magic which bathes heroes in the necessary coolness. Open the random box and find out what’s waiting for you inside! With a bit of luck, you’ll get your hands on a pair of Fairy Wings, a Frost Warrior Costume Set or Fibi Frosty.

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