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Nov 09

[9–12/11/18] Event: Double Fortunes

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Event, Nostale - 09. November 2018
Fortune’s having a bonanza in NosTale – seize this opportunity to pick more items and gold! There’s double the chance for items to drop after battle and you’ll also earn twice as much Gold after defeating a monster!
Oct 22

Party Time: 11 Years of NosTale!

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Event, Nostale - 22. October 2018
Eleven years have passed since players first set foot in NosTale, 11 years of adventures, friendships, fan art and and and… None of that would have been possible but for our amazing community – that means you! In honour of this 11th milestone, we have a selection of cool events lined up to celebrate together with you.
Oct 22

[22–29/10/18] Event: Exclusive Pet in Sealed Vessels

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Event, Nostale - 22. October 2018
Mysterious Sealed Vessels are circulating around the world of NosTale. Surrounded by a magical aura, only parties of experienced adventurers should dare open them, as these otherwise unremarkable vessels contain the most wicked of creatures, banished there by wise mages. The brave – or the foolish – who nevertheless rises to the challenge and defeats the evil creature inside one of these Sealed Vessels has a chance of being rewarded with a treasure chest containing fantastic items from the NosMall. With a pinch of good fortune, you could even get a Mini Fire Devil!

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