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[24-26/8 11:00] 30% Discount Off NosWheel Spins!


Aug 13

New on the NosWheel: This Cute Otter Wallops with Cod!

By Threepwood in Shop - 13. August 2019
Take a spin on the NosWheel and maybe you’ll meet the adorably daring Otter, a very special pet who’ll set about your enemies with a wet fish! When not busy wielding them as weapons, he also enjoys munching down on fresh fish fillets.
Aug 12

[12–19/8/2019] Stylish Steampunk Weapon Skins

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Nostale, Shop - 12. August 2019
Full steam ahead! Until 19th August (11 AM CEST) you’ll find three amazing weapon skins with cogs and gears in the NosMall. Grab one of these steam-powered weapons from level 20 and give your adventuring a historic twist!

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