Dec 13

Razor-Sharp Winter Event and New Banking System

By Mizu in Nostale, Updates - 13. December 2017
Silent night, holy night… not in NosTale! The wild cats are back once more, trying to take over in our winter event. Maru the Millennial Tiger has returned and is lying in ambush for the residents of NosVille. Show him who’s boss in the raid! Plus there’s a brand-new banking system for you to enjoy!
Dec 12

[From 13/12/2017] Savage Dyes and Trendy Costume Packs

By Mizu in Nostale - 12. December 2017
Add a little colour to your life with the NosWheel! Starting 13th December 2017, you could get lucky and pick up some Savage Dyes, giving you an entirely new hairstyle! You can also get your hands on any of the items listed below. Plus if you can’t wait to try out a new style, then check out the costume packs including hair wax and dye, available for purchase directly.
Dec 06

Magical Fairies and Happy Hour

By Mizu in Nostale - 06. December 2017
Fire or water? Light or shadow? Why choose when you can have them all! From 7th December 2017 you’ll find a new Large Fairy Pack in the NosWheel. With a bit of good fortune, you’ll pick up all 4 fairies in one fell swoop, or one of the other items listed below! Plus you can take advantage of our Happy Hour – until midnight (GMT) tonight (6th December 2017) you’ll get 20% extra when buying NosDollars!
Nov 23

Sir Purcival in the NosWheel and 30% Off Great Items

By Mizu in Nostale - 23. November 2017
This chivalrous feline has gallantry dripping from his very whiskers! Sir Purcival is available on the NosWheel from 24th November 2017. He protects everything that is dear to him with an iron will. Cross his path and you’re liable to make swift acquaintance with his trusty sword! With a bit of good fortune, you’ll land this courtly cat or one of the other great items:
Nov 16

[Starting 17/11/2017] Admiral Horatio Ginger waits on the NosWheel

By Mizu in Nostale - 16. November 2017
Nothing escapes his beady little eyes! Admiral Horatio Ginger is available on the NosWheel from 17th November 2017. The brave seafaring cat’n and his crew have been sailing the seven seas for many years. Now it’s time for the experienced swashbuckler to take on new challenges – fighting at your side with his trusty pistol and unwavering vigilance. With a bit of good fortune you can land the tenacious tomcat or pick up another great item with a spin of the NosWheel:

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