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[Update] [Starting 16/8/2017] The Valhalla Showdown: Defeat the Twisted Yertirand



Jul 27

[27/7–28/7/2017] Top Items for Top Prices

By Jophiel (Quality Assurance) in Nostale, Updates - 27. July 2017
On the hunt for a spectacular bargain? Then check out our special offers! Between Thursday, 27th July and Friday, 28th July (11 AM CEST respectively) you can enjoy a 30% discount off the top ten items in the NosMall.
Jul 19

[19/7–16/8/17] Summer Event 2017: Grab a bunny by the ears!

By Jophiel (Quality Assurance) in Community, Nostale, Updates - 19. July 2017
You think bunnies only hop around at Easter? Not in NosTale! This year's summer event is all about bunnies, carrots and a rather shady tortoise. Confront the clever little Lola Lopears in the raid and pick up some great event items. While you're at it, pick up the Specialist Partner Card for Lucy Lopears! SUMMER HIGHLIGHTS FROM 19/7/2015 TO 16/8/2017 Lucy Lopears' Specialist Partner Card Pick up the new Specialist Partner Card with the fire element. Lucy Lopears will be your loyal, powerful partner.

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